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Keeping Angelfish does not need to be a chore. If you know the basic tips about Angelfish care this should be easy for you to maintain your Angelfish in good shape and resist any upcoming Angelfish illness. Being a human being and living in the 21 century leaves us very little opportunity to have no choice. There is always something we can do about everything and anything at all can be done with only 1% of a chance for a mistake. Nowadays we have plenty of choice and variants to choose from. And when we say plenty we do mean plenty. You no longer have to doubt your decision; you can fix everything that goes wrong. At least this is how we see it and want you to feel about it.
Angelfish require subtropical to tropical climate. They live in the freshwater bodies with a pH of 6.0-8.0, preferably 7.5. They need a temperature range of about 40-90F. Angelfish is about 3-6 inches in length. The largest Angelfish can be 12-16 inches in size and about 3 kg in weight. Its appearance depends upon location, temperature, food and other factors. It has a paired pectoral and pelvic fins with one dorsal, anal and caudal fin. An average lifespan of a Angelfish is about 5-10 years.
Live Foods:There are some fish which can never take to flake food, pellets or frozen foods. With these demanding individuals, reside meals may well be your only option. This as a rule consists of live brine shrimp, infursoria or alternative smaller fish. These fish are more in general said as “Feeder Fish”. These feeders are normally plain Angelfish, minnows or guppies obtainable for a buck or two a handful at your local pet shop. One has to very careful in not feeding a fish an unique diet of feeder Angelfish. Thanks to many types of health concerns, mixing feeder Angelfish with different sorts of feeders is highly suggested.