Angelfish Landscape

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16 inches of length x 10 inches depth of the fish tank will be equal to 160 inches. When 160 inches is divided by 30, the resultant answer is about 5 inches. This means that you can keep 5 one inch Angelfishes or 2 Angelfishes that are over two inches long.
A long tank with plenty of surface area is ideal for Angelfish as it allows more oxygen in the water. Maintaining good levels of oxygen in the water is vital for healthy fish so avoid tall tanks.

While pets like dogs, cats and parrots are a little more expressive and vocal than other creatures, a lot of people prefer the calmness and serene beauty of a Angelfish at home. Normal Angelfish and are some of the most common fish kept by people. Angelfish– a fresh water fish — was one of the first fish to be domesticated by mankind. The Angelfish breeds differ in their size, shape of the body, fin configuration and coloration. Apparently, China is one country that has had an age-old tradition of keeping fish, a habit that has now spread far and wide.