Angelfish True Altum

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Observe Your Fish Daily

Observe Your Fish Daily

Observe Your Fish Daily

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When it comes to adding fish to your pond, you might want to consider Japanese Koi as these can be quite long-lived and are well suited to living in a Angelfish pond. Koi can grow to be very long and are also the longest living breed of Angelfish available. Of course, they will cost you a bit more than the regular Angelfish you find in a pet store but they are quite beautiful and will be worth it for your pond in the long run.
Fancy Angelfish have no such issues. Their short lifespans mean that you do not have to worry about long term care for them. When they die you can decide if you want to get another batch and you are never stuck with them. This is also very important when you are going on vacation or leaving town for business. You do not have to worry friends with requests to come over and watch and feed your pets with gold fish and you do not have to worry about paying the exorbitant fees that kennels and doggy day care centres charge.
At first, it may take some time for your fish to get comfortable with his new home and owner. The time for this to happen fast depends on how stressed your Angelfish is. If you know how to handle you Angelfish and what is bad for it can help a lot. The sun light and too much light in general is a bad thing for your fish. It also needs some room to swim, corners and plants to hide. This helps your pet feel safe.