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Contrary to popular belief, Angelfish lifespan can last for years given the right habitat and care. The lifespan of a Angelfish is also dependent on what variety it is, as some are known to live 10 years while some can go for 20 years or more. Here are some types of Angelfish with their known lifespan and some tips on how you can make them last for as long as they can:

On many occasions accidents take place with aquarium fish which h end in tragedy. The majority of such accidents take place due to the ignorance on the part of the owner who fails to take adequate care of their Angelfish. When you decide that you want to keep Angelfish at your home you must ensure that you know everything about Angelfish care. Although Angelfish are quite easy to take and require not much labor, yet they are also delicate creatures and you must be careful in handling them. You may take advice from your nearest pet store regarding how to take care of Angelfish. Apart from that you can find useful resources regarding Angelfish care on-line as well.