Leopard Angelfish

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It’s common to hear people refer to ranchu Angelfish as buffalo heads, especially in the Far East. In fact they first originated in China and were kept in outside ponds and treated with much respect. Later the Japanese imported ranchu’s into their country and further developed there until they finally achieved the look we see today.
A list of common Angelfish diseases and brief information on them is mentioned as follows.
Find out more on and read many interesting articles on .Angelfish spawning is a fairly regular occurrence, if the conditions in their tank or pond environment are just right. Of course you also need a male and a female to start the spawning process and it’s impossible to tell which is which until they mate for the first time. The male Angelfish will have white flecks on both their pectoral region and gills, with their anal region being more internal, while the female anal region is outer, basically the opposite of mammal genitals.