Zebra Lace Angelfish


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Angelfishes can eat both plant and animal food particles, that is, they are omnivores. You can feed them processed and live foods to keep them healthy and lively. Live foods contain nutrition and laxatives that are very essential for Angelfish health. You have an option of choosing dried or frozen live foods from fish stores in the market. You can even feed tubifex worms, blood worms, earthworms, meal worms, etc. to your Angelfish. Use only cultured earthworms as they do not carry diseases. Blood worms are favored more than tubifex worms as they do not carry many diseases like the tubifex. Baby guppies and swordtail are the favorite meal of Angelfishes and you can treat them with these fishes once in a while. Angelfishes can survive on a diet of many food items. The flowing is a list of Angelfish’s favorite foods: